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Detoxification is a well-known health benefit of infrared saunas, but did you know that you can dramatically improve your overall health, wellness and sleep quality all at the same time.  When using your Clearlight Infrared sauna you may experience the following benefits:  raising of your core body temperature, increased heart rate, improved blood circulation and profuse sweating.  As a result, saunas are quickly gaining in popularity as the health benefits have been proven to make a dramatic difference in the lives of dedicated sauna users. For instance, many people say that stress relief is one of the first benefits they receive.  Here are a couple other infrared sauna health benefits you can expect to see with regular infrared sauna use.

Detoxification of the Body

The body naturally accumulates toxins through a process called “toxic bio-accumulation,” and these toxins are generally maintained in fatty tissues where they can re-enter the bloodstream when individuals feel stressed or anxious. Sitting in a heated sauna actually places gentle controlled stress on the body, which then allows for the release of these stored toxins through body sweat. Saunas detoxify incredibly well, and far infrared saunas have been shown to do an exceptional job at removing toxins from the body due to their deep-penetrating infrared waves.


Improving the Immune System

Many experts believe that direct exposure of the skin to the warming heat of a sauna helps stimulate the rapid production of infection-fighting white blood cells that can strengthen the immune system. Medical research in Germany has recently shown that incidents of colds and the flu can be reduced by up to 30% by using a sauna regularly. The benefits to the immune system are significant, and with the number of people we come in contact with each day, it simply makes sense to guard against infection and illness.

Enhanced Sleep

Saunas help you sleep better, producing positive benefits for your overall health and wellness. Your body is relieved of tension or fatigue as sauna use may lower cortisol levels.  Also endorphins are released into the body, which create a calming, almost tranquilizing sensation that can lull virtually anyone into sleep. To add to the overall effect, you can use deep nasal breathing techniques to deliver the utmost in relaxation – you’ll be ready for bed in no time. Just make sure to cool down adequately with a lukewarm shower to keep your body prepped for bed.

Stress Relief

Stress relief is another one of the key health benefits of infrared sauna sessions. Studies repeatedly show that hyperthermia, or the higher, safe heat levels endured by the body when in a sauna, can prevent protein degradation and muscle loss when the body is subjected to harmful stress or external stimuli. Heat shock proteins are produced when an individual spends time in a sauna, and these substances are used by your body’s cells to counteract the impact of toxins, extreme heat or cold, or stress brought on by exercise.

Infrared Saunas have also been shown to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) relaxing the body and allowing your body to heal.  This is a necessary break from the sympathetic mode (fight or flight) we are all in these stuck in traffic or always connected on your phone.


Heart Health

Heart health is an important concern for many of us, and spending time in an infrared sauna can help virtually anyone strengthen their heart and cardiovascular system. A research study by the University of Eastern Finland that spanned more than 20 years and included thousands of study participants showed a reduction in life-threatening cardiac events among participants who regularly used a sauna. Those who took sauna 2 to 3 times per week showed a 23% lower risk of fatal events, while those who completed 4 to 7 sauna sessions per week indicated a 48% lower risk. The amount of time spent in the sauna was deemed important, too, with longer-duration users seeing increased heart health benefits.

Increased Metabolism and Weight Loss

In a comfortable 35 minute sauna session one’s heart rate can reach an aerobic state. Consistent aerobic cardiovascular workouts lead to a healthier heart and increased metabolism. This boost in metabolism burns calories and can trigger weight loss in individuals who have a little extra weight. Just as jogging increases heart rate and burns calories, infrared sauna use can trigger the same cardiovascular stresses by simply sitting in the sauna. An added plus – we are also seeing infrared saunas the world over as a comfortable effective way to help minimize cellulite.


Minimizing Joint Pain

Another big health benefit of infrared saunas is the minimization of joint pain and inflammation. This type of radiant heat therapy is used around the world to effectively treat patients suffering from bursitis, neuralgia, muscle spasms, stiff joints, and arthritis. From customers of all levels of fitness and health, we hear about lasting relief from soreness, aches, and pains with consistent sauna use.

Athletic Recovery

Athletic recovery is made easier, too. Growth hormone is naturally and safely increased when sauna sessions are combined with consistent exercise routines, and blood flow is boosted. This means the skeletal muscles are better fueled, and are more easily flushed of lactic acids and calcium ions – two fatigue-inducing substances.

There is no doubt that infrared saunas provide serious and lasting wellness boosts. Like with normal exercise, the extent to which these health benefits prevail depends on the time spent per session as well as consistency of use. Whether you’re looking to use infrared saunas for detoxification, weight loss or as a sauna stress relief technique, one thing is certain – your overall health and well being is improved!

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