Infrared Sauna Research, Studies & Science Articles

The benefits of infrared therapy have been researched for many years worldwide.  Below are a list of studies, articles and clinical trials that focus on infrared therapy.  Click on a topic to see the related studies and click on the study title for more detail.

The studies and scientific literature presented below is a selection of available research and investigation into the potential effect of infrared light on the body or on various medical conditions or conditions.  Our infrared saunas, however, are designed, recommended and intended solely to provide general health and wellness benefits and not to affect the structure or function of the body or to prevent, treat, cure, or mitigate any disease or condition.  We make no representation that this research establishes benefits you can expect from our infrared saunas.

We are very happy to report that our Clearlight three person Infrared Sauna arrived on Friday, Oct. 7, 2016. We are delighted with this product, and we are using the unit every day! Here are some details: The transportation time from California to Michigan took only 7 days. We were able to track the shipment of the product on a daily basis. His truck had a hydraulic lift, and the skid load off-loaded within minutes. The entire shipment was very well protected, and thoroughly packaged. We inspected each box, and we signed for the delivery. You folks at Clearlight sure know how to package these complete units!! Hat’s off to your engineering and shipping
departments. Several panels were quite heavy. The three of us did very well. The unit was brought down to our lower level. The various panels went together very accurately, and smoothly. We were all very impressed with the ease of assembly. I would say, from start to finish, we carefully took just over an hour. The only tool we used was a box cutter, to open the various cartons.

When we finished the assembly of the sauna, we were able to plug the unit in and enjoy the start of a calculated warm-up. The last three days, we have seen numerous friends arrive at our home, and be very impressed by our new Clearlight Sauna. I want to say a special Thank You to you, Jessica. You were there, by phone, internet, etc. with great product knowledge, no sales pressure, leading us through this journey. I am sure that you compliment your marketing staff, and offer convenient professional assistance.

My wife, Betty, continues her fight against Ovarian Cancer. To this date, we are winning this dreadful battle. With the use of your sauna, we will continue to fight the growth of cancer cells with the use of internal heat. We hope that we can manage her cancer for many, many years. Thank you again for this wonderful product. We will continue to show our friends, and talk up our new Clearlight sauna.

Ron and Betty
Pentwater, Michigan