The Curve™ Far Infrared Sauna Dome

What is The Curve™ Sauna Dome?

The Curve™ is a portable infrared sauna consisting of two lightweight domes that make it very easy to store in a corner or closet. The outer material of the dome is made with beautiful terracotta vinyl. The infrared heating pad is made with Memory Foam for maximum comfort and allows you to have infrared heat on both the back and front of your body. You are surrounded by healing infrared heat, all at an affordable price.

When you want the exceptional benefits of far infrared saunas and are limited on space, choose The Curve™ as part of your wellness routine.  The Curve™ can be set up anywhere and then stored away when not in use using the attached wheels to move it easily, making this portable infrared sauna perfect for home use, day spas, wellness facilities, gyms, and more.

For an exceptional far infrared experience, simply place the Curve Sauna Dome on top of the mat,  surrounding yourself with healing heat that detoxifies, relieves muscle pain, and supports weight loss.

About The Curve™ Infrared Sauna Dome

• Available in terracotta-colored vinyl

• Solid wood construction, luxurious finish, and sturdy wooden control box.

• True Wave low EMF Far Infrared heating elements inside the dome.

• Includes the Clearlight exclusive Infrared Amethyst PEMF mat to lay on while inside the dome, with a fitted washable cover included.

• The electronic control system provides multiple heat level adjustments.

• Both The Curve™ sauna dome and infrared amethyst mat include a seven-year warranty.

Health Benefits of The Curve™ Infrared Sauna Dome

  • Weight loss & increased metabolism
  • Temporary muscle pain relief
  • Better sleep
  • Detoxification
  • Improved appearance of cellulite
  • Ease joint pain and stiffness
  • Stress and fatigue reduction
  • Improves skin

Superior Heater Technology

Our Far Infrared heaters combine Carbon and Ceramic to produce healing infrared heat that is unmatched. Our heaters are comprised of micro-thin carbon fibers (1/1000th the thickness of a human hair) combined with our patented ceramic compound.  We start with a high-quality organic carbon fiber sheet. Then we add our high output (high emissivity) ceramic compound, which produces long-wave infrared heat unequaled by carbon heaters alone.

The majority of EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) is canceled out, making the Curve the safest and most
effective sauna dome available.

Exterior Specifications

Domes:  Adjustable up to:  70.75″ x 34.5″ x 20.5″

Infrared Mat:  72.75″ x 29.5″

Weight of Curve Sauna Dome:  44 lbs.

Weight of Amethyst Infrared PEMF Mat:  40lbs.

Electrical Specifications

The Curve Sauna Dome plugs into a standard wall outlet:

Dome:  120 Volts / 960 Watts / 8 Amps

Infrared Mat: 120 Volts / 180 Watts / 1.5 Amps