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30 Day Summer Health Challenge for Your Body and Mind

With summer just recently starting on June 21, the change of the seasons is a perfect excuse to start a new challenge. Use this change in season to really focus on your health – both physically and mentally. Read below for a summer health challenge that shares 30 ways to focus on your overall health...
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Can Sitting in a Sauna Help Fight Infections?

By Dr. James DiNicolantonio www.drjamesdinic.com Did you know that since 1957 sauna therapy has been used as a potential way to prevent the flu?1 It’s true! During World War II, sauna therapy was even noted to prevent the spread of typhus fever in Finnish troops, “The main method of typhus prevention in Finland consisted of...
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How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

At a time like this, taking every precaution to stay healthy is imperative. Strengthening your immune system can help prepare your body to fight off sickness. But what exactly does the immune system do, and what steps can you take to help it perform properly? Learn more about your body’s process of protecting from sickness...
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