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Dr. Brian Clement Discusses The Power of Infrared Saunas And Detoxification

According to Dr. Brian Clement, who has been the director of the Hippocrates Health Institute for more than 30 years, we are being assailed from all directions by harmful chemicals and heavy metals. These pollutants are found in air, water, processed food, and even clothing, and constantly seep into our bodies. The best way to get rid of them, he says, is by detoxing with infrared saunas.

Dr. Clement’s claim is based not only on personal experience, but also from prescribing heat therapy to patients suffering from toxicity-induced health problems ranging from chronic fatigue to gout. A majority of these patients, as well as some cancer-stricken individuals, have responded positively to daily sauna sessions.

Why are infrared saunas such a powerful detoxification tool? Dr. Clement attributes their success to the following facts:

  • Infrared heaters generate deep-penetrating heat to mobilize toxins for elimination.
  • Lack of regular sweating (due to a sedentary lifestyle or clothing made of non-breathable fabric) reduces the skin’s elimination function; sauna use can help restore that function.
  • All toxins, including mercury, lead, and unprocessed minerals from nutritional supplements, can be excreted through sweat.

Dr. Clement further notes that the detoxification effect derived from sauna use can be boosted when combined with additional lifestyle changes, such as regular exercise and a raw food diet.

Many other medical practitioners share Dr. Clement’s views on the efficacy of infrared saunas not only as a detoxification tool but also as a stepping stone to better overall health. To see if a sauna is the answer to your physical ailments, visit to learn more about the health benefits of our products.

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