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In the last few years, we have seen a large uptick in the “trend” to live a healthy lifestyle. With this comes new innovation in the wellness and health technology industries. From free meditation apps to sleep monitoring systems, we now have the power to monitor and improve our health more than ever before.

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Below are 8 natural and digital health and wellness products that are sure to improve your quality of life while making you the ultimate health guru!

Health Gadgets

Smart Water Bottles

There is no doubt that drinking water is absolutely necessary for a range of health benefits. Unfortunately, the seemingly simple task of drinking the recommended daily amount of water (about half your body weight in ounces) can be quite arduous. Luckily, staying hydrated is made easier by the invention of smart water bottles! These smart bottles help reduce the amount of effort needed to remember to drink and track intake throughout the day. The Hidrate Spark 2.0 glows to remind you when the drink, whereas the Geniway CloudCUP has a digital display to show water temperature and how much has been consumed, along with an app to track your progress.

Fitness Trackers

One of the most popular health gadget trends is wearable technology. Fitness trackers are made for everyone, from avid athletes who want to track training progress to the average person who would like to increase their daily steps. Classic wearable fitness brands include FitBit and Garmin, but even fashion designers and companies like Apple have been getting in on the trend. As the technology advances, these fitness trackers provide more robust insights into your health and a plethora of features to help you stay on track. Set reminders to get up and move, track exercise times, monitor heart rate, record GPS route and distance, and more with just a simple wristwatch and app.

Sleep Sensors

Getting a lot of sleep but not feeling well-rested? Curious to know what type of sleeper you are? Wondering what might be keeping you up at night? Using a sleep sensor may be the answer to all those questions. The ResMed S+ is a comprehensive sleep sensor and monitor that can help you identify problem areas in your sleep – whether that be light, temperature, sound, or movement. The app tracks your progress, which is a wonderful tool to see which changes impact your quality of sleep. With sleep being such an important part of our health, understanding our sleep cycles and finding solutions to issues will ultimately lead to better health all-around.

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TENS Units

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS, units are the perfect health gadget for the wellness guru who suffers from stiff or sore muscles. These devices were typically used medically in the past, but are now making headway into the comfort of our own homes. TENS units use electrical pulses to stimulate muscles. This process helps soothe achy muscles after a workout when foam rolling just isn’t doing the trick, or if you are feeling stiff from sitting down all day at work or while traveling. Usually fairly small (smaller than your phone), it’s a wonderful health gadget to have while on the go or stored in a drawer in your room or bathroom.

Wellness Products

Meditation Apps

Breathe in… breathe out… who knew something so simple could be so powerful? In a world where things are constantly on the go, it’s easy to get sucked into the constant cycle of media, to-do lists, and keeping up with friends and family. But what if we used the power of technology to soothe instead of stimulate? Many meditation apps exist today, geared toward giving you those 15 minutes of calm. These mindful apps cover a range of meditation options, from guided imagery to sound therapy to simple deep breathing exercises. You can tailor the experience even further and find practices targeted toward stress, insomnia, depression, and more.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

This wellness product is more natural than it is technical, but it is a must-have in any health guru’s home. The technology in this gadget is the light bulb that is placed inside of a large piece of pink Himalayan salt. The salt is believed to be millions of years old, and the minerals that give the salt a pink hue are natural ionizers. This means that they change the electrical charge of the surrounding air with the ions they produce when heated by the light bulb. Himalayan salt lamps have been thought to help improve air quality, boost mood, and aid in better sleep.

Halotherapy, or the practice of salt therapy, has been a holistic treatment used as far back as ancient Roman and Grecian times. To take this treatment a step further, try combining the practice with other therapies. If you have an infrared sauna, incorporating the Microsalt Halotherapy Generator with the healing effects of infrared therapy will leave you feeling more refreshed than ever before.


Home Assistants

Creating a calm and comfortable space is important for maintaining a sense of wellness at home. There are a few ways to accomplish this, from clearing out clutter to redecorating to indulging in fancy bath products. With today’s technology, you can take your home sanctuary a step further. Examples of technology that can make your home smarter and more comfortable include home assistants, like Amazon Echo, that can help take care of simple tasks and smart thermostats, like Nest, that allow you to program the perfect temperature from anywhere in your home. The Netatmo Weather Station is a “home coach” that monitors four elements of your home’s environment, including air quality, humidity, nose level, and temperature.

While home tech gadgets might not immediately seem like wellness products, they help give you peace of mind while giving you more time in your day to focus on you.

Chromotherapy Devices

Color light therapy, or chromotherapy, is the practice of using colors to correct imbalances in the body. Each color aids in healing a different physical, emotional, or mental aspect of your life. This practice is typically seen in spas, but can easily be incorporated into your everyday life with light therapy gadgets. Turn your shower into a relaxing chromotherapy oasis with a color light therapy shower head, or improve your skin care regimen with a rejuvenating chromotherapy face mask that can help target specific skin issues on your face.

Similarly to halotherapy, chromotherapy is a wonderful addition to infrared heat therapy in a sauna and can help boost the sauna health benefits even further.

Whether you’re just getting into the wellness and health technology space or are trying to find new ways to improve your health game, these eight health gadgets can get you on the right track. Health technology continues to grow and make our lives easier by allowing us to monitor our health and wellness at our fingertips. Treat yourself to some new health gadgets and wellness products to continue living a happy and healthy life!

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