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How an Infrared Sauna Can Help with a Healthy Summer Body

You might see a lot of people pushing for “summer bodies” that are purely in appearance and can require unhealthy approaches to achieve. Here’s the real truth to know: every body is a summer body. Summer bodies can be any shape, size, or look, and your main focus should always be feeling healthy and happy. While it might be hot outside and adding even more heat might sound daunting, an infrared sauna is the perfect wellness tool to help you achieve that feeling. This summer, focus on health, and see how an infrared sauna can help with healthy weight loss, detox, skin health, immune system, and more to have you be your most confident self this season.


Woman Using Infrared Sauna for Healthy Summer Body


Weight Management


Though every body is a summer body, many focus on weight management for the summer. Whether looking to lose weight or maintain weight, it is important to take measures to safely reach a healthy weight while avoiding fad diets or workouts. Using an infrared sauna can help you maintain a healthy weight, from summer and beyond, whether you use the sauna after a workout or on its own.

There are many claims stating that sitting in a sauna can help you burn a lot of calories in a quick amount of time, but infrared sauna weight loss is more of a gradual burn. This means your body is more effectively and efficiently losing weight that will have a greater impact than potentially harmful “miracle” weight loss solutions. The infrared heat increases your heart rate and boosts your metabolic rate to burn approximately 1.5 times your regular calorie burn. For example, if you typically burn 40 calories in 30 minutes, a 30-minute sauna session will burn 60 calories.


Body Detoxification


Over the summer, people tend to do a lot more than in the cooler months as warmer weather allows for more activities outside of the house. This can mean things like extra traveling, a potentially unhealthier diet, and more time spent around crowds. All of these summer activities are a lot of fun, but can add a bit more wear on our bodies as they are exposed to more things – including toxins.

Infrared saunas are a great tool in your summer health to help detoxify these impurities, as one of the biggest infrared sauna health benefits is its ability to increase your blood circulation, target fat-stored toxins, and stimulate the sweat glands, all of which help remove built-up toxins in the body. Whether you’re trying to recover from a hangover from a summer cookout or are trying to detox from an indulgent summer vacation, sweating in a sauna can help your body’s detoxifying process as it rids itself of accumulated toxins.


Woman Enjoying Summer Skin Benefits of Infrared Sauna


Refreshed Skin


Your skin holds on to the dirt and toxins you’ve encountered throughout the day, especially during the summer when you are in contact with sunscreen, pools, beach towels, and sweat. If not washed off or removed from your body, you face the risk of building up toxins and causing breakouts. While sitting in an infrared sauna in the summer might just sound like another hot activity, there are many detoxifying benefits to sweating it out.

Using an infrared sauna for skincare is a great and natural way to cleanse your pores and help eliminate blemishes. Sweat helps remove deeply embedded impurities and dead skin cells, leaving you with clean and glowing skin in summer. It is important to cleanse your face after sweating it out in your sauna – you don’t want the dirt and toxins to clog your pores again right after! Use a gentle cleanser to keep your skin refreshed, and finish it off with a moisturizer – one with SPF is especially important if you plan on enjoying that summer sun.


Improved Immune System


Summers often bring about summer colds, and they can put a real damper on your seasonal activities. Along with keeping our immune systems healthy by ridding our bodies of the toxins, working up a sweat helps prevent us from getting sick. There are many viruses and bacteria that thrive at our regular body temperature, but die off when our bodies heat up to above 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using an infrared sauna can help boost your immune system and protect you from summer illnesses. The heat from a sauna helps promote the production of white blood cells, improves blood circulation, creates an artificial fever, and releases toxins – all actions great in helping your body stay healthy. With summer plans meaning spending more time around friends and crowds or being in close quarters with other travelers on planes, having a boosted immune system is key for enjoying all your summer events.


Couple Enjoying Summer by Pool and Infrared Sauna


Endurance to Heat


In most places, the summer heat can be fairly intense depending on the month and the weather. Sometimes it seems unbearable when it gets to those higher temperatures. But, after some time spent in the heat, it typically becomes more tolerable. That’s where a sauna comes in. Using an infrared sauna can help you become more accustomed to the heat, thus increasing your enjoyment of the weather.

When using your infrared sauna, it is recommended to start with shorter sessions so your body can acclimate to the higher temperatures. Go in for increments of 5 minutes until you feel comfortable with a full session, and if you are ever feeling faint or lightheaded from the heat, do not push yourself to stay in longer. Always have water on hand to stay properly hydrated, and take breaks as needed. Once you get out, the 90-degree weather will feel like nothing compared to the ​​180-220 degree heat of your infrared sauna!


This summer, your best body is a healthy one. Using an infrared sauna, whether it’s after you workout at the gym or in your own personal sauna at home, can be one of the most useful tools to help you achieve your health goals. And with numerous health benefits year-round (not just in the summer!), starting your infrared sauna regimen this season will lead to many more seasons of health and wellness in your future.

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