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Should You Get an Infrared Sauna for Your Business?

Should You Get an Infrared Sauna for Your Business?

Infrared saunas are great at home for personal use, but they can also be great assets for gyms, spas, and other wellness centers. Including an infrared sauna in your list of services will give your customers that extra health boost after a workout or spa treatment and a lasting impression of your facility. It is an easy service to include that requires little to no attention and can exponentially improve a customer’s holistic experience. Saunas, along with halotherapy and chromotherapy , are amenities that can attract new customers to your business. See how adding an infrared sauna to your business can help you provide the ultimate health and wellness experience.

Woman in white towel relaxing in saunaBenefits of Having a Sauna at a Gym

Sure, gym saunas are relaxing and can be turned into a social activity, but is there a connection between sauna use and fitness? Are they just a nice gym perk or do they actually provide any health benefits? Research is showing post-work out sauna use can actually boost recovery, strengthen your heart, and aid your whole body to reach a relaxed state. 

It turns out, our ancestors knew about the benefits of heat therapy long before we did. Before the invention of treadmills and dumbells, ancient civilizations hung out in man-made caves warmed by wood-burning fire and stones to soak in all the benefits of its steam. In this way, Romans, Greeks, and Mayans soothed their muscles after putting in a hard day’s work. They understood the health benefits of sauna bathing that today’s research and technology is finally supporting.

Here are some of those fitness benefits our ancestors were crazy about: 

Muscle Recovery 

The #1 reason pro athletes turn to saunas is for their proven aid in muscle recovery. Saunas are an optimal way to relax muscle tissue and relieve pain. The heat from the sauna enhances oxygen and nutrient-rich blood circulation throughout your whole body. This makes sauna sessions excellent for a post-exercise wind-down routine. Any sports-focused gym can benefit from it! 

Improved Cardiovascular Health 

A workout for your heart. There aren’t many treatments that specifically train your heart like saunas do. In fact, a 2019 study in Complementary Therapies in Medicine found that the changes in blood pressure and heart rate levels during sauna bathing are similar to those induced during a moderate-intensity cardio exercise session. Studies show that regular sauna sessions can even reduce your risk of stroke.

Woman relaxing in hot sauna Weight Loss

You’ve probably heard saunas are popularly known for supporting weight loss. And there’s research backing this up. Through increasing sweat production, heart rate, and circulation, a quick sauna session can help boost your metabolism and caloric burn. Though those quick weight loss claims may be exaggerations, incorporating sauna use into your regular health and wellness regimen can provide long-term support during your weight loss journey.

For these reasons, a sauna room isn’t only an extra gym membership perk, it can be a treatment tool that contributes to any fitness plan. These are just some of the many benefits sauna bathing can provide in the search for a fitter, healthier life. 

Benefits of Having a Sauna in a Spa

Sauna bathing can also provide great benefits to any spa or wellness center. Wellness businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors by providing unique wellness services. Saunas amplify any customer’s service and make their overall experience feel more luxurious. Because not every spa or wellness facility offers amenities like commercial infrared saunas, having one will make your overall business proposition stand out. Learn more about the amazing benefits adding a sauna experience to your spa can provide for your clientele: 


In the search for a healthy body, people are always concerned about what goes into their bodies. Unfortunately, most of us don’t live a 100% off-the-grid lifestyle and are exposed to chemicals in our environment and even food on a daily basis. We breathe and ingest dangerous pesticides, plastics, heavy metals, and many other toxins that accumulate in our bodies and can potentially make us sick. This is why everyone in the wellness and fitness community is constantly on the lookout for the new detox juice or supplement that claims to clean your body.

As it turns out, enhanced sweat production is the only solution that is actually proven to flush your system of these toxins. Sauna induced-sweating is one of the easiest, most natural ways to do this. Aside from eliminating toxins from your body, sauna beathings is also known to aid your body in recovering from a cold, hangovers, or even help you quit smoking.

Stress Relief

Saunas have the power to put your body in a fully relaxed state. There is nothing like unwinding from a stressful day like at a spa with a facial, massage, and sauna session. It’s a warm and quiet space where guests can take a moment to focus on their breathing and meditate. 

The heat from the sauna relaxes aching muscles, raises circulation, and even stimulates the release of endorphins, that’s the “feel good” chemical in our brains. Saunas are also said to reduce cortisol levels, the hormone that induces stress. That’s what makes sauna sessions perfect for anyone dealing with any stress level or even mental health problems. Saunas truly help induce people into a relaxed state. 

Group of women relaxing in sauna at the gymSpas Can Provide a New Service: Sauna Ceremonies 

Not only is sauna time in high demand at spa and wellness facilities but with a sauna, you can now add a new service called Aufguss. The Aufguss ritual is a traditional sauna ceremony that is designed to enhance the benefits of any sauna session. Heightening guests’ levels of endorphins and serotonin, the ritual soothes both the mind and the body.

A multi-sensorial that combines lights, sound, essential oils, and blasts of hot air, for an amplified healing experience. Any sauna session can turn invigorating with a ceremony run by an Aufguss master. The master circulates around the sauna room flipping a towel to provide the service. An experience truly no one will want to miss when they visit your spa. 

Why Get a Clearlight Infrared Sauna for Your Business?

Because we help you get back to what’s important: your business. Customize your complete wellness ritual and every part of your experience. You can choose to add or remove any features you may or may not need for your specific business model. A completely tailor-made sanctuary for all things healing. 

Here are some of the features you can choose from and the services we can provide:

Now you know more about the benefits commercial sauna can provide to any fitness or wellness facility. If you are in the business of healing, infrared saunas provide rejuvenating benefits, unlike any other technology.

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