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Inside Look: How the Moms at Clearlight Get Their Self-Care

It’s no secret that finding a little “Me Time” is hard for the mothers in our lives, so we polled the team at Clearlight to hear how the mothers in our midst find their personal sanctuaries in between their hectic schedules. 

Jessica McCullum, Project Manager

I LOVE working for such a revolutionary line of wellness products made possible by Clearlight.  I am a mother of 3 children on the Autism spectrum, as well as the founder of a small nonprofit advocating for resources for the Autism community here in Hawaiʻi.

My children struggle with inflammation and a lot of other respiratory issues given their compromised immune systems.  My eldest daughter, Ava, is nonverbal so our communication challenges are exponential especially when she is unable to voice when she is not feeling well.  We swear by the HALO ONE that carries us through continual viral illnesses as well as inflammatory struggles that cause a lot of chesty coughs and irritability.  We get ahead of the game by using the HALO ONE as recommended once per week for preventative care.  We pair this with a nightly routine of AROMA ONE aromatherapy to make sure we get a good nightʻs sleep (which is not easy to come by).  At the end of the day, I make sure that I bathe myself in the PERSONAL Tower Red Light Therapy to ground myself, as being a mother of children of special needs can be incredibly overwhelming and Iʻm constantly battling that “fight or flight” mode of anxiety, and mental health is a continual work in progress for me.  

We continue to research the best in the wellness industry as a family living with Autism, so I am confident in saying that I am caring for my family in all facets of parenting, while also showing up to work everyday to further promote the science and the quality of this dr-designed, cutting edge technology.  We very much look forward to exploring the endless benefits that is made available by Clearlight, including but not limited to Chromotherapy, Vibrational Resonance Therapy, Infrared Therapy, and much more as we grow along with such a fantastic company that is just good for us, as well as the rest of the world that we live in.



Jordann Bohlin, Customer Experience Representative

I am pregnant currently and the HALO ONE® is great for my shortness of breath, haha! The Red Light PERSONAL is great for my aches and pains as well!




Melissa Van Riper, Consumer Product Manager

Being a strong Single Mom practically kills me everyday. We were designed to raise our babies in a village but now we need to build our own tribes. It feels hard because it is hard. We aren’t meant to do it alone. Take some time to honor and celebrate yourself. You are amazing and you are worth it.  

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Patty Ryan, Infrared Sauna Specialist 

I have two older kids who are back at home for a bit longer for schooling. I rely on my Sanctuary 2 for my relaxation and time out from the kids and dogs. I was also diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis this past year and am doing my best to stay off medication! I have the Red Light CORE and HALO ONE® mounted inside my sauna. I love that I can do my sauna and red light at the same time! We also have the Amethyst PEMF Mat at my family’s beach house in Florida. When you have a sauna at home and travel away, you sure do miss it! The Amethyst Mat helps me relax and also helps with any joint pain/inflammation that I have. 




Danielle Yanke, VP of Marketing

Being a toddler mom means having a little shadow accompany me everywhere and at all times, which includes personal self-care time. (Maybe that makes it “Us Care?”) But I don’t mind being able to cuddle together on our Amethyst PEMF mat, because she likes to fiddle with the settings while I absorb her snuggles.



Dana Young, Public Relations

As the mom of triplet girls, I have a sign in our house that reads “Good Things Come In Threes.”  And, I can tell you that this is absolutely true. From our favorite childhood fairy tales to Chinese proverbs and even the movies, my trio are living proof that people and things that come in threes are often luckier, more entertaining, and more effective than most other combinations. So, of course the Clearlight products that I swear by—but often have to wrestle back from my hat trick of 21 year olds—are our red light therapy tower suite of wellness solutions!  For me, there’s nothing better after an Oakland run or a morning of stand up paddling in Alameda than to plop myself in front of my CORE Tower to get the tightness out of my limbs. 

For the trio, they love using red light therapy to help with skin clarity, acne reduction as well as stress relief from internship project deadlines and finals—before and after exams. My husband, who has early onset Parkinsons, uses red light to help lessen the symptoms that often come with the disease, including heaviness in his arms, leg cramps and increased fatigue. Almost every night, he uses red light therapy as he drifts off to sleep to ensure a good night’s rest.  And, since Clearlight now offers three red light towers (the Personal, the CORE, and a 3rd, the FULL BODY Tower—coming soon!) in our wellness family of products, I’d say the proverb of 3s is spot on!



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