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The Ultimate Summer Health and Wellness Routine

Temperatures are high, days are long, vacations are planned, and summer is definitely here. And luckily for summer lovers, we get to enjoy it through the end of September! During these hotter months, you might realize yourself putting health on the backburner to tend to your summer plans. It’s important to work healthy habits into your schedule so you don’t feel burnt out or unwell by the time fall rolls around. With so much going on, use this summer health and wellness guide to feel both physically and mentally set to take on the season with healthy tips like eating in-season and using an infrared sauna.


Women by Pool and Infrared Sauna in the Summer


Use an Infrared Sauna


Even though it might be hot outside, having an infrared sauna session in your routine can be a huge benefit to your total body wellness this summer. Infrared saunas offer a number of health benefits such as muscle recovery, improved skin, boosted immune system, reduced stress, increased metabolism, and much more. On top of that, infrared technology allows for lower temperatures than a traditional sauna while still allowing for deep infrared penetration, meaning you won’t have to worry about adding too much more heat this season. Sauna sessions can be as long or short as you need them to be, making them an easy addition to your summer health routine.


Protect Your Skin


Summer is all about fun in the sun, but too much sun can be an issue for your skin. Sun exposure, heat, and dryness all can lead to skin damage, so it’s important to find a summer skin care routine that protects your skin from the elements. Sunscreen is an essential product in any routine, but especially in summer when you’re enjoying the outdoors a bit more. No matter how long you’ll be in the sun, apply sunscreen before leaving the house and reapply depending on your day. Summer activities like swimming can wash off your sun protection. Regular use of moisturizers, exfoliators, and infrared saunas can also help combat dry summer skin.


Exercise Outdoors


Getting proper exercise benefits your mental and physical health, especially in the summer when the weather is warm and clear. Moving more and sitting less can have major health benefits such as reduced stress, maintaining a healthy weight, improved metabolism, and more. What’s great about summer weather is its ability to get people outside, and even a simple daily walk to enjoy the sun can be a great addition to your summer health routine. Aim to get around 2.5 hours of active movement a week to keep your body healthy and in top shape, and use an infrared sauna to boost your summer workout even more.


Father and Son Starting Healthy Summer Surf Hobby


Pick Up a Hobby


A healthy summer is all about balance, which means prioritizing time for yourself and pursuing passions, interests, and new adventures. Summer hobbies can include a lot of outdoor activities like learning how to surf or becoming an avid hiker. Not a fan of the summer heat? Then use the air conditioning as an excuse to enjoy the air conditioning of your house or a classroom! Indoor hobbies like painting or baking are great to pick up in the summer, as they can be enjoyed year-round as the weather changes. And depending on your goals, hobbies can either be a great social activity or a solo experience to connect with yourself.




Summertime can be fast paced, and it might seem like you have plans around every corner with no time for yourself. It might be time to incorporate some meditation into your summer wellness routine to give yourself a break. Mindfulness meditation is a technique that helps reduce stress by slowing down your thoughts and moving your focus away from negative emotions. Mindfulness meditation is rooted in breathing exercises that keep you focused on the present moment. Studies have shown that meditation makes you less distractible and improves your resilience to stress. You can get started by dedicating as little as five minutes a day to take a breather – literally.


Do a Digital Detox


Our phones, tablets, and televisions are our ways to stay connected to the world. But every once in a while, taking a break is a good thing. Excessive screen time can take a toll on your well-being, from physical to mental health. With the great summer weather right outside, dedicate some time away from your phone and computer every day to take a break from the screen. You don’t need to do a full detox of ditching your phone for days, but adding screentime breaks into a healthy summer routine can help you feel refreshed and reconnected with your surroundings. Use this time to meditate, read, socialize in person, or do a physical activity.


Friends Staying Hydrated for Summer Health


Stay Hydrated


Hydration is key every day, but especially in the summer as temperatures rise and you are sweating a bit more than in other seasons. On top of the physical downsides of not drinking enough water, such as headaches and lightheadedness, did you know that becoming even slightly dehydrated can lead to lowered mood and decreased concentration too? Keep water or other low-sugar drinks on hand to sip throughout the day, especially if you’re sweating more than usual due to activities such as exercise or sauna use, or simply from the heat outside. If you need to, set an alarm every hour to drink water until it becomes a natural part of your healthy summer routine.


Eat Light and Fresh


Not only is eating in season more nutritious, but it’s also more affordable and more delicious. With fruits and veggies like corn, beets, strawberries, summer squash, cherries, and peaches more readily available from farms, it’s easy to fill your kitchen with some of the ripest summer produce available. These fruits and vegetables lend themselves to creating light and refreshing flavors that can be made into great dishes like salads, flatbreads, healthy pastas (with in-season zucchini noodles!) and desserts. Try cooking them on the grill for some true summer vibes, and throw a healthy summer party to enjoy the nice weather.


As we’re in the final weeks of summer, add these healthy summer tips to your regular routine to enjoy the rest of the season and feel prepared to go into fall feeling your best. Starting these healthy habits now will set you up for a healthy future every season of the year. From protecting your skin to giving yourself a mental break, your body will thank you for focusing on your summer health and wellness!

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