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Infrared Sauna Leader and Global Wellness Company, Clearlight®, Formally Announces HALO ONE® to Combat Poor Air Quality, Increased Seasonal Allergies, and Promote Health & Wellness This Summer – and Year Round

Portable and Award-Winning Halotherapy Generator Uses Patent-Pending Technology to Deliver Key Benefits of On-Demand Salt Therapy to Consumers at Home, in the Office, as Part of their Clearlight Sauna, or While Traveling


BERKELEY, CAAs the summer temperatures rise, so does the impact of poor air quality, seasonal allergies and overall wellness concerns. Clearlight®, the industry leader in infrared sauna and pioneer in innovative health and wellness solutions, today formally introduced its game-changing HALO ONE® Halotherapy Generator to help combat these challenges and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Halotherapy, also known as salt therapy, is the release of salt particles into the air and the intentional inhaling of this air to promote better lung health. HALO ONE’s on-demand system utilizes advanced, patent-pending technology to add salt particles to the air to create a salt cave type of atmosphere, making it convenient for users to experience the key benefits of halotherapy anytime, anywhere.

 “We encourage people to use their HALO ONE regularly and not just when they are ill with respiratory challenges or other health concerns. The HALO ONE was designed to help keep the lungs clear, boost the immune system, and give the skin a healthier glow. Salt is naturally hydrophilic, antibacterial, and antifungal. When inhaled through the lungs, it helps the body combat the negative effects caused by pollution, wildfires, seasonal allergies, and general poor air quality. Using the HALO ONE on an ongoing basis helps to maintain overall health,” said Dr. Raleigh Duncan, founder and CEO of Clearlight. “Everyone deserves access to healthy air and an opportunity to enhance and restore their health, wellness, and vitality. Here at Clearlight, we are committed to making this a reality for everyone.”


Infrared Sauna and Halotherapy to Reduce Pollution Effects


Experience Year-Round Wellness


HALO ONE is the only halotherapy device on the market that offers a vapor salt therapy system with the full spectrum of salt particle sizes, incorporating a patent-pending vibrating mesh technology. This innovative technology produces healing salt particles, small enough to reach more area in the individual’s lungs, than any other Halotherapy device.

The technology contained within the compact and portable device creates a microclimate of a high concentration of salt particles, simulating the atmosphere of a salt cave. Regular and consistent use of this system can help individuals manage, not just during the summer, but can also promote lung health, relieve respiratory ailments, improve skin conditions, and achieve a more balanced living and working space year round. 



Discover the Healing Power of Salt Therapy At Home


Wide Range of Benefits:

  • Promotes Respiratory Health: Breathing in the micro salt particles helps alleviate symptoms of asthma, allergies, COPD, chronic bronchitis, and sinusitis. Daily utilization offers relief from chest tightness, congestion, ear infections, and sinus infections.
  • Improves Skin Conditions: Consistent use of the HALO ONE system helps conquer acne, dryness, eczema, psoriasis, and aids in combating sleep apnea, snoring, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
  • Combats Poor Air Quality: HALO ONE functions like nature’s air purifier, removing pollutants and toxins from the environment. By cleansing air and reducing allergens, dust, and contaminants, it facilitates easier breathing and fosters a healthier indoor atmosphere.
  • Contributes to Overall Health and Wellness: HALO ONE creates a sanctuary of clean air. Continuous use also helps improve sleep quality, boost the immune system, reduce stress and promote relaxation.


HALOONE® Halotherapy Generator for Wellness Sanctuary


Transform Your Space into an On-Demand Salt Cave


HALO ONE is easy to set up, reasonably priced and created with user convenience in mind. It is portable and can be battery-operated, making it ideal for individuals to get the healing benefits of salt therapy, wherever and whenever they need. 

The compact, sleek style has already earned Clearlight two international design awards and allows the system to integrate into any home, existing Clearlight sauna, office space, or on the go. The rechargeable battery also ensures on-demand salt therapy, with each charge capable of delivering three 20-minute sessions. 


Clearlight® HaloOne Halotherapy Generator for Home Salt Therapy


Must Have Addition to Your Summer Wellness Routine


Today through August 1, Clearlight is running its Summer Wellness Sale—making it easier than ever for people to immerse themselves in the healing power of salt therapy. Shop the Clearlight website.


About Clearlight®


Founded by a Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Raleigh Duncan, Clearlight is the industry leader in infrared sauna and pioneer in innovative health and wellness solutions for more than 20 years. Clearlight was the first company to develop Carbon/Ceramic infrared heaters capable of delivering a deeper, more penetrating infrared wavelength, while also offering the lowest EMF (electromagnetic fields) and ELF (extremely low frequency) available on the market. Dr. Duncan patented and/or has patents pending for much of the technology Clearlight uses. The Berkeley, CA-based company offers best-in-class, wellness products for home and business use including: Infrared Saunas, Sanctuary Full Spectrum Saunas, Outdoor Saunas, Premier Infrared Saunas, Red Light Therapy, Halotherapy (Salt Therapy), Aromatherapy Diffusers, Curve Sauna Domes, Infrared PEMF Mats, Heater Kits (Build Your Own Sauna) and UV Disinfectant Wands. To learn more and/or enhance your existing Clearlight sauna experience, visit infraredsauna.com, and follow on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube. #Clearlight

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