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8 Home Gadgets to Create Your Health & Wellness Sanctuary

Going to the spa is a nice treat, but having the tools and equipment at home to create your own health and wellness sanctuary can be a game changer. Having a home sanctuary can allow you to have access to health and wellness 24/7, because you deserve to treat yourself whenever you want to. From infrared saunas and red light therapy towers to halotherapy generators, see how to create your own at-home sanctuary and learn what the best health gadgets are to keep your wellness space up to date!


Couple Stepping into Infrared Sauna Home Sanctuary


Infrared Sauna


One of the best ways to practice wellness at home is with an infrared sauna. When a daily 20-minute session can help bring health benefits like reduced stress, detoxification, weight loss, and pain relief, infrared sauna use is an easy and effective way to improve your health. An infrared sauna at home is one of the best health gadgets as it provides a range of benefits unlike other health devices for the home that only address one area.

There are many different ways to enjoy infrared therapy at home, whether you want a personal 1-person sauna, a 5-person sauna for practicing hot yoga, or even a sauna dome that can make your sauna sessions a little more portable. And if you’re designing a beautiful home sanctuary, Clearlight® Infrared Saunas offer beautiful craftsmanship to really make your house feel like a luxury spa.

On top of the regular sauna health benefits, you can boost your infrared experience with enhancements such as chromotherapy, halotherapy, and red light therapy to create the ultimate home sanctuary for your health and wellness.


Chromotherapy Device


Color light therapy, or chromotherapy, is the practice of using colors to correct imbalances in the body. Each color aids in healing a different physical, emotional, or mental aspect of your life. This practice is typically seen in spas, but can easily be incorporated into your everyday life with your own home sanctuary with color light therapy gadgets as it can be easily incorporated into your home wellness routine through a number of methods.

Chromotherapy can be a wonderful addition to infrared heat therapy in a sauna and can help boost sauna health benefits even further. You can also turn your shower into a relaxing chromotherapy oasis with a color light therapy shower head, or improve your skin care regimen with a rejuvenating chromotherapy face mask that can help target specific skin issues.


HALOONE® Halotherapy Generator for Wellness Sanctuary


Halotherapy Generator


Halotherapy, or salt therapy, is a practice that has been around for centuries to use the healing properties of salt. What used to be reserved for large salt rooms you can now enjoy at home with a compact HALOONE® halotherapy generator. These generators produce microscopic particles of salt that are distributed into the air in a room free of humidity and a user spends 20-30 minutes inhaling the salt particles.

Exposure to these salt microparticles can help provide relief from a number of ailments ranging from skin health to respiratory health. Halotherapy generators are a great health device for the home, as it allows you to easily create a healthy environment. It’s best to  do it in an enclosed space for the best exposure, such as a home infrared sauna, which will also help combine the benefits of infrared and salt therapies.


UV Disinfectant Wand


Harmful germs and bacteria are everywhere, even at home. Having a safe environment in your health and wellness sanctuary is important to give you peace of mind once you come home. Cleaning your space with disinfectant sprays and wipes are a good start, but using a UV disinfecting wand can help keep your other health and wellness gadgets staying as clean as possible.

Emitting both UV-C and UV-A, the Clearlight® UV Wand damages the DNA and RNA in bacteria and viruses rendering them harmless, and works 10x faster than most fluorescent UV devices and up to 2x more powerful than other LED UV devices. Use it on any surface you touch often, including your phone, handles on your home spa or gym equipment, or wherever else you want a deeper clean.


Person Using Clearlight Red Light Therapy Tower


Red Light Tower


Red light therapy, or RLT, is a technique used to help promote healthy cell growth and regeneration. Today’s practice of red light therapy can be used as an aid for treatment of a wide range of issues such as skin conditions and wound recovery. It can be enhanced when paired with infrared technology to provide a more holistic approach to your overall wellness, which is especially useful in your home sanctuary.

There are many ways to utilize this therapy by simply placing red light technology near your body, from light towers to handheld devices and face masks. The Clearlight® Light Therapy units can be conveniently placed where you need it, from free-standing units to mounted units in your infrared sauna. Because of their versatility, they are some of the top health devices for the home.


Air Purifier


Along the same lines of disinfecting surfaces of your home with a UV wand, the quality of air in your house is another important thing to consider when setting up your home sanctuary. Smart air purifiers on the market today are designed to quickly and efficiently filter the air so you can avoid the side effects of pollutants in your home and have a break from poor air quality you might face while out and about.

Current technology also allows you to monitor air quality stats from your phone, check filter status, and adjust timers, fan speeds, and more, so your home sanctuary is always one of the best places to be for a breath of fresh air. Whether you’re avoiding allergies inside your house or just want to feel safe taking deep breaths while meditating, a high-quality air purifier is one of the best health gadgets.


an Using Best Health Gadgets for Sleep Tracking


Sleep Sensor


Getting a healthy night of rest is one of the most important factors in living a healthy life, though many struggle with getting the ideal amount of sleep. Your home wellness sanctuary doesn’t have to be a dedicated spa, it can be as simple as making your bedroom a healthy space. Sleep sensors can help you analyze your sleep to identify any potential problem areas and work toward getting high-quality sleep.

There are a few different methods to track your sleep, from wearable technology to sensors that go directly in your bed. Many offer features such as heart rate, snoring, temperature, and blood oxygen data tracking to help pinpoint what changes you can make to turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary. When you get the proper amount of sleep, you’re setting yourself up for a healthier future overall.


Skincare Fridge


Having a fridge in your bathroom might not be your first thought, but if you have a skincare regimen, having a mini fridge to store products can be a game changer. While not as technical as the other health and wellness gadgets above, skincare fridges offer a lot to your wellness regimen at home. The refrigeration helps maintain the integrity of the ingredients in some skincare products to ensure your skin is getting the best nutrition.

These little fridges are some of the best health gadgets because they are fairly compact and can be used to enhance your daily routine. They are great for providing the refreshing feeling of applying cold products like serums, eye cream, or sheet masks to the face or chilling facial tools like face rollers. These cold products feel great during your regular skincare routine, but they feel especially rejuvenating after sweating in an infrared sauna.


When putting together your home sanctuary, think of all the health benefits you’d like to focus on and get those health gadgets first. Building a wellness sanctuary can be a slow process of gathering all the things that make you feel your best and provide a healthy and safe space. Start off with some of these health devices for home wellness, and start treating yourself every day!

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