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The weather is warming up, trees are budding and it’s time to get a jump-start on that summer body. At Clearlight Saunas®, we believe in sustainability.  Because of our passion, we have come to realize many exercise routines and diets and efforts to detox your body, regardless of how awesome they are, don’t work for everyone.  First of all, many of us don’t have an additional two hours a day to work out – and if we did we would probably want to collapse on the couch!  Our suggestion is to find what works for and is sustainable for you.

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Quick Tips To Help You Detox Your Body and Feel Great:

There is a simple rule when it comes to your body:  if it is performing optimally, keeping the weight off is effortless.  This is where setting up a plan to detox your body can support you in achieving your health goals.

  • Participate in some sort of daily physical activity.

The best exercise regime is one you will actually do!  If you can only commit to 15 minutes of walking, stretching or weight lifting a day, this is better than doing nothing at all!  The point is to do something to utilize your muscles and get that lymphatic system moving!

  • Detoxify your body via infrared sauna use.

There are many health benefits of using Infrared Saunas which has helped countless people in ridding their bodies of harmful toxins.  Some of the other benefits include rejuvenation of the skin, pain relief, faster recovery (after working out) and relaxation.  All of these benefits are vital to helping your body function optimally.

Aside from penetrating an inch and a half into your skin to revitalize your cells, daily Clearlight Infrared Sauna™ use pulls toxins out of your body through perspiration.

Toxins are usually stored in excess fat cells underneath the skin and, not surprisingly, one of the functions of this excess fat is to keep toxins away from your vital organs.  When toxins are not eliminated fast enough through natural means (such as urination and defecation), the body has to do something with them so they don’t harm our vital organs.  Into the excess fat cells they go to be stored until a later time where they can be released through natural means.

  • Participate in a juice cleanse.

Contrary to popular belief, we have found juice cleanses to not only benefit the body, but it doesn’t take a great deal of time either.  In fact, for many people juicing leaves us with MORE time because we are spending LESS time in the kitchen!

As with any meal-planning, creating and executing your juice-diet will require you sit down and create a plan – we even draw out the steps for you here.  Whether you opt for a three day, seven day or some other x-amount-of-day juice cleanse, stay focused and committed!  Your body will thank you later!

Relaxation is vital to keeping your mind focused and can improve your health.  I found a quote which read, “Don’t just do something. Sit there!”  While it made me laugh, there is something profound about this – many of us fill our schedule with endless to-dos and goals to achieve but how often do we schedule “blank time” where we literally do nothing?

When you are rested and centered, your body reaps the benefits of it.  In an article posted on the Harvard Medical School website, a study was conducted and revealed those who practiced mindfulness had less insomnia, fatigue and depression than those who simply tried improving their sleep.  Rest doesn’t necessarily mean “sleep.”  It is simply getting your body out of an active “fight-or-flight” stress response many of us are used to being in throughout the day.  And when your mind is stressed, your body feels it.

In summary, your body is a detox machine.  If you have experienced a little “personal growth” around the midsection, it can be remedied through some of the above-mentioned methods.

Toxins do tend to build up over time, and it is our job to support our body in functioning optimally so it can expel these unwanted toxins effortlessly.  Start now and you will be enjoying a fitter body AND additional health benefits before summer starts!

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