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How to Choose the Best Infrared Home Sauna for You

Are you looking to add a sauna to your home? Making the decision to buy a sauna is a great choice if you are interested in your health and wellness, and if you’d like a touch of luxury in your life without having to go to the gym or spa. Now that you’ve made the decision to buy a sauna, what goes into finding the best home sauna for you? Read on to find which considerations to factor in, from sauna size to which additions you’d like to include to truly make your sauna the best infrared home sauna for you.


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Things to Consider for the Best Home Sauna


Types of Saunas

There are two main types of sauna, traditional and infrared. Traditional saunas use high heat and steam to create a hot environment. Using this system requires more maintenance in the long run, as the wet-dry system has more opportunity for wear and bacteria collection if not cleaned properly. These saunas might be nice at a spa or gym when someone else maintains them, but in your home they might become quite tedious to care for.

Infrared saunas, on the other hand, use radiant heaters to warm the interior. These infrared systems require less energy to heat and penetrate the body, which makes the experience more comfortable and lowers your electric bill. There are plenty of health benefits with an infrared sauna that are more pronounced than when using a traditional sauna. For all these reasons, an infrared sauna is the best home sauna choice when it comes to your wellness and ease of use when in your house.


Home Sauna Construction

You can either build your own home sauna or purchase a pre-built model. A pre-built infrared sauna is a great option for people who want a simple installation. You still get all the bells and whistles of an infrared sauna, but without the planning! These saunas come in many sizes and can be placed anywhere inside or outside where there is a stable, flat surface and room for ventilation. Prebuilt saunas only require light assembly and are ready to go once you have them connected to a power source.

Building your own DIY infrared sauna is always exciting, as you can customize it to be exactly what fits your needs. These saunas take a higher level of planning, as they require careful calculations and measurements so they can fit seamlessly into your home. Building your own sauna is great for creating an at-home spa experience that perfectly fits your home decor. DIY saunas are more popularly done indoors and in bathrooms or pool houses.


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Home Sauna Size

Once you’ve decided on which type of home sauna to purchase, it’s time to decide which size is best for your needs. Consider the number of people who will be using the sauna at a time, how big of an area your space allows, and if the sauna will be used for any activities such as hot yoga.

For personal use, 1-2 person saunas may be ideal to save space and energy. Larger families will benefit from the space of a 4-5 person sauna models, but a single person will also enjoy the benefits of a large sauna for more room to spread out and make the sauna even more functional. Custom saunas typically range between 25 and 80 square feet, but can be designed to fit a much larger capacity. We recommend a sauna ceiling no higher than 7 feet to keep heat close to the occupants.


Home Sauna Placement

Choosing where to put your home sauna is an important decision – will it go indoors or outdoors? Outdoor saunas of course require an outdoor space. Choosing an outdoor sauna is perfect for those with backyards – especially if a pool is nearby for a quick dip after a sauna session. Things to take into consideration with an outdoor sauna include space, proximity to a power source, privacy, and potentially a structure to help protect the sauna exterior from natural elements.

Indoor infrared saunas are becoming increasingly popular as they provide luxury and health benefits right in the comfort of your own home. No matter where you live, you can likely make an indoor sauna fit in your space. From placing one in the corner of a small apartment to having an entire room dedicated to sauna use, choosing an indoor sauna allows for a range of options for everyone (and every space) to enjoy.


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Accessories & Amenities

Finally, the last decision to make picking the best infrared sauna for your home is the fun part: choosing your accessories and amenities! Here, you can really customize your home sauna to your needs. The sauna health benefits in its base form are wonderful, but why not kick it up a notch with some upgrades for the ultimate personal sanctuary? Some of these upgrades include halotherapy (salt therapy) generators, chromotherapy lights, red light therapy towers, vibration resonance therapy (sound therapy) speakers, digital keypads with smartphone control, and audio sound systems.

These accessories and amenities offer a wealth of additional health benefits when added to your infrared sauna experience. Some of those additional health benefits include:

  • Chromotherapy: Improved mood, sleep, circulation, and skin health
  • Halotherapy: Improved respiratory, sleep, and skin health
  • Red Light Therapy: Improved weight loss, muscle recovery, mood, and detoxification
  • Sound Therapy: Improved emotional balance, stress management, and heart health


Getting an Infrared Sauna for Your Home


Investing in an infrared home sauna is also an investment in your health. Adding regular infrared sauna use to your daily wellness routine will give you lasting health benefits to help improve your filter. On top of the health benefits, having a home sauna is a nice added touch of luxury to your life! You can easily have a spa day at home, recover from a home workout, or meditate before bed in one convenient spot.

With a Clearlight infrared sauna, you are sure to have the highest-quality construction, features, health benefits, customer service, and more.

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