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11 Spring Health & Wellness Tips to Spring Clean Your Health

Spring has sprung and with it comes more daylight, nicer weather, and you guessed it – spring cleaning. Cleaning out your closet, scrubbing down your bathtub, and throwing out things you no longer need from your garage can give us the peace of mind to take on the rest of the year. But just like your home may need some extra TLC, it’s essential to keep our health and well-being top of mind as well. Spring is a great time to reevaluate the goals we set at the beginning of the year and create a plan for how we want the rest of our year to look. 

Just like we organize and declutter our physical space, we can do the same for our minds. As we transition from winter to spring, there are some crucial but simple changes you can make to refresh your wellness routines. Keep reading to learn ways you can pay some extra attention to your health and set yourself up for a fresh start in the new season and beyond.


Healthy Couple Riding Bikes in Spring


Check-in With Your New Year’s Resolutions 


Remember those goals you set at the beginning of the year? This is a great time to reflect on them and take note of your progress. If you are not close to where you want to be by this time of the year, strategize a new plan. Maybe the goal was unrealistic or maybe you didn’t outline simple steps to work toward it. Whatever your wellness, fitness, or health goals are this 2023, keep them top of mind this spring as we move closer to the halfway mark of this year.


Make Wellness a Routine


When something becomes part of your routine, it becomes a lifestyle and eventually who you are. Consider the goals you set for this year and how you will reach them on a daily basis. If you are looking to get more active, make a routine of going on a walk every day before breakfast. Even if it is just 15 minutes a day, if you can commit to that you can eventually increase the amount of time. The goal is that you fit it into your schedule and actually do it.

Think of ways you can implement wellness and your health goals into your day-to-day life.


Reset Your Sleep Patterns


Having a consistent sleep schedule is vital for life. Getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night is ideal for adults. If you are not getting sufficient sleep, you may already know it can negatively affect your health in a number of ways. Plenty of sleep should be an important part of any wellness regimen. 


Woman Gardening for Spring Health


Move More, Sit Less


This warm weather season, make an effort to get outside and off the couch! There is so much to enjoy while nature is flourishing and the weather is nice out. Try to make plans to do active activities outside like gardening, swimming, biking, running, walking, or even playing sports. You can even invite friends and family to join in the fun and enjoy an active spring outside. 


Care for Your Skin…Care


A new season calls for a reset in how we care for our skin. Remember to protect your skin from the sun by applying SPF and reapplying during the day or after exposure to water. As the weather changes, our skin’s needs change so remember to moisturize and exfoliate to protect and purify your skin. Rashes and eczema may be more prevalent during this time of year so make sure you are treating these concerns and seeking out the right products. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, therefore taking care of it and protecting the skin barrier is essential to a healthy body. Using red light therapy and halotherapy can help keep your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.


Spring Clean Your Mind, Space, and Schedule


A cluttered physical or physiological space can affect your overall well-being. A study found that people who live among clutter have heightened levels of cortisol, the hormone associated with chronic stress. A great way to care for your mental health is to revisit your schedule. A cluttered schedule can make daily routines more stressful than they may need to be. Ask yourself “Am I taking too much on?” “Am I spending time on what I really care about?” “Am I prioritizing time for myself?” Letting go of what is not serving you will free up your time, space, and energy. Think of ways you can find more time to care for yourself and your health in this new season.


Woman Dealing with Spring Allergies and Sneezing


Monitor Seasonal Allergies


Allergies are part of life year-round, but with changing weather, flowering plants producing pollen, and new critters arising, they are top of mind during the spring. Make sure you are managing your allergies this spring by taking antihistamines when needed, switching to hypoallergenic bedding, and/or making plans to stay away from allergens when possible. Here are more ways to manage allergies this spring season: 

  • Clean, dust and vacuum your home regularly
  • Check daily pollen count reports
  • Keep windows closed so pollen and dust stay out
  • Avoid triggers you are aware of 
  • Try an immune-boosting diet
  • Leave your shoes at the door
  • Wash your hair after going outside
  • Wash clothes and bedding often
  • Check air filters
  • Avoid taking pets outside or clean their paws when coming back inside your home


Strengthen Your Immune System


When the weather changes we’re all more prone to sickness and infections. This is why being prepared and taking preventative measures is most important during this time of year. There are many ways to boost your immune system but one way to do so naturally is by using saunas regularly. 

Sauna use is known for having many amazing benefits to your health and well-being, including boosting the immune system. Through increasing the production of white blood cells, improving circulation, releasing impurities, and increasing cellular regenerations, including an infrared sauna in your wellness routine can kickstart your immune system for the changing weather season. Their relaxing nature will also help relax your body and mind. Spring brings many things but sickness doesn’t have to be one of them when you use a sauna. 


Happy Woman Enjoying Healthy Spring Produce

Eat Seasonal Produce


Fill your plate with fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables and soak up all their nutrients. Purchasing seasonal produce can ensure you get the most nutritional value out of your food! Not to mention seasonal foods tend to be riper and tastier. Studies show fruits and vegetables that are allowed to ripen naturally contain more nutrients.


Hydrate Wisely


Though delicious and refreshing, juice, soda, and other sugary drinks don’t substitute water and won’t actually keep you hydrated. Choose your drinks wisely and try to drink more water this new season. Investing in an easy-to-carry water bottle may help keep you accountable. Making it a habit to always carry a water bottle with you will make it more likely you actually drink more water. Staying hydrated has so many benefits for overall health.


Get Your Yearly Check-Up Scheduled


If you haven’t paid your doctor a visit yet this year, this is a great time to do so or get it scheduled. Yearly checkups and lab tests are parts of staying on top of our health game and preventing future health risks. You can even bring up your health and wellness goals with your doctor. They may share tips or resources that can help you during your journey. 


Those are some of our top tips for spring cleaning your health this season! Whether you are ready to change your sleep patterns or include sauna use in your wellness plan, we hope this list gives you some ideas on how you can better prepare for the season. To get your sweat on this spring and soak in all of the benefits of sauna use, find the latest Clearlight infrared sauna models for your home.

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