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Putting Together the Ultimate Total Body Wellness Routine

A lot of health routine guides will tell you how to focus on one part of your wellbeing, be it diet, exercise, or something else. But we know that having a routine for total health and wellness requires a lot more than focusing on just one thing. From meditating for your mental health to staying hydrated for your physical health, a lot goes into creating a routine that benefits your overall health. Read on to find the best ways to have the ultimate total body wellness routine, from mind to body.


Woman Stretching in Morning for Physical Health


Wellness Routine for Physical Health


Begin Your Day with a Stretch

Your daily routine should start off with a good stretch. Stretching in the morning improves your energy levels, improves your circulation, relieves any tension or pain from sleeping the night before, encourages good lymphatic function, and prepares your body for the day ahead. To really bolster your morning stretch, a quick hot yoga session in an infrared sauna will really invigorate your day.


Exercise Regularly

Getting proper exercise benefits your mental and physical health. Sedentary behavior has been linked to many medical problems. Moving more and sitting less can have major health benefits such as reduced stress, maintaining a healthy weight, improved metabolism, and more. Aim to get around 2.5 hours of active movement a week to keep your body healthy and in top shape, and use an infrared sauna to boost your workout even more.


Get Quality Sleep

Getting quality sleep gives you a headstart on good mental health each day. The tough thing about sleep issues is that they lead to stress, which leads to more trouble sleeping – and the cycle continues. You can counter this by sticking to a bedtime routine. Try limiting screen time before bed, or going to bed at the same time each night. Developing a predictable routine around sleep can help put your mind at ease when it’s time to rest.


Couple Sitting in Infrared Sauna for Physical Health


Sit in an Infrared Sauna

If you have an infrared sauna or access to one, having a sauna session in your routine can be a huge benefit to your total body wellness. Infrared saunas offer a number of health benefits such as muscle recovery, improved skin, boosted immune system, reduced stress, increased metabolism, and much more. Infrared sauna sessions can be as long or short as you need them to be, making them an easy addition to your daily health routine.


Stay Hydrated

Did you know that becoming even slightly dehydrated can lead to lowered mood and decreased concentration? Keep water or other low-sugar drinks on hand to sip throughout the day, especially if you’re sweating more than usual due to activities such as exercise or sauna use. If you need to, set an alarm every hour to drink water until it becomes a natural part of your healthy daily routine.


Take Supplements and Vitamins

Sometimes, what you eat isn’t enough to get your daily needed vitamins and nutrients. Include daily supplements and vitamins into your routine after speaking to your doctor to see what is best for you. Consume your nutrient essentials, such as a high-quality multivitamin, a vitamin D supplement, and capsules of omega-3 fish oils. This combo will help to reduce inflammation, boost immunity, lower blood pressure, and ensure optimal health.


Man Reading Book for Mental Health


Wellness Routine for Mental Health


Decrease Your Screen Time

Our phones, tablets, and televisions are our windows to the world. But every once in a while, taking a break is a good thing. There are lots of studies to support limiting the screentime of children and young adults, and adult studies are trending in the same direction. Excessive screen time has been linked to a reduction in gray matter in the adult brain. When this happens in your frontal lobe, it can lead to problems with impulse control. 


Eat Brain-Friendly Foods

Food can help improve your mood. Not the treats you may be thinking, like a cookie for a job well done. Try foods rich in vitamin B-12 and folate if you’re looking for ways to fight depression. Vitamin D from dairy products is linked to an increase in dopamine, which helps with mood regulation. Avoid sugar and carbohydrates when stressed, as they can cause spikes in blood sugar and hormones, which can leave you feeling even more off-balance.


Practice Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a technique that helps reduce stress by slowing down your thoughts. This helps you move your focus away from negative emotions. Mindfulness meditation is rooted in breathing exercises that keep you focused on the present moment. Studies have shown that meditation makes you less distractible and improves your resilience to stress. You can get started by dedicating as little as five minutes a day to developing your practice.


Woman Writing in Journal Before Bed for Mental Health


Prepare the Night Before

A successful morning starts the night before. Set clear intentions for the next day, acknowledge the present day, and express gratitude for what happened. Reflect on your day by remembering what went well and what could have gone better by writing in a journal. You can also physically prepare for the next day by doing something like planning your outfit or packing your meals to help reduce stress the next day.


Set Weekly Goals

On top of preparing the night before, setting goals at the start of the week can be a great addition to your mental health routine. If you make a schedule and set goals for yourself for the week, you’ll be more on top of your days, and when you’re more on top of your days, you’re more on top of your life. As you cross off the tasks on your to-do list, you will feel a sense of accomplishment which will help reduce stress.


Stick to a Routine

Especially when you run a business or a household, a schedule or routine can be an excellent tool for organizing your busy mind. That’s because it limits the number of decisions you have to make each day. Routine prevents decision fatigue where you tire yourself out by getting bogged down by a bunch of small repetitive decisions. When you plan things like what you’ll wear, or what you’ll have for lunch, you’re less likely to experience decision fatigue.


Setting a daily routine for a healthy body and mind can set you on the path toward a healthier and more efficient lifestyle. Incorporate as many of the above tips for good daily routines into your life as you can and start to form healthy habits that will have lasting benefits on your wellbeing. Good habits take some time to form, and bad habits can be difficult to break, but the end result is well worth it for your total body wellness!

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