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Infrared Saunas And Fibromyalgia

An infrared sauna is a versatile wellness tool that can be used to treat a wide range of mild to severe physical complaints, including fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a medical condition characterized by chronic muscular pain in the neck, shoulders, chest, elbows, hips, or other so-called “tender points” throughout the body. The pain may also be accompanied...
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Removing Mercury With Infrared Saunas

Clearlight Infrared CE-2 Nordic Spruce Sauna Besides radioactive substances, mercury is the most toxic element you’ll ever come into contact with. It gets into your body from old dental fillings, large ocean fish such as tuna and swordfish, and polluted air or water. Once there, it binds to sulfur-containing molecules and concentrates in fatty tissues,...
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Yoga and Infrared Saunas

While saunas may not be the perfect substitute for a yoga studio, you might be surprised at how much you can actually do – especially in a relatively spacious unit like our Clearlight Sanctuary model. Standing poses or moves that require vertical rather than horizontal movements are obviously easier to perform; but many supine poses...
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Top Alternative Medicine Therapies

In the past several years, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies, including Reiki, meditation, and infrared sauna sessions, have gained tremendous acceptance not only with patients but also with healthcare professionals in virtually all fields. This rising popularity can be attributed to factors such as affordability and safety when compared to traditional drugs and procedures,...
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