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Infrared Sauna vs. Steam Room: The Hot Debate Debunked


It may be difficult to discern the differences between an infrared sauna vs. steam room when deciding which option is best for your specific needs. To help you better understand how infrared saunas and steam rooms compare, it’s important to gain a general understanding of the mechanics and individual benefits of both.

An infrared sauna is a wood-based room that heats the user directly with infrared rays that penetrate the body. A steam room is an airtight room of non-porous material that heats the environment with a steam generator. Infrared saunas produce dry heat, whereas steam rooms create moist heat.

Both infrared saunas and steam rooms boast plenty of therapeutic and wellness benefits such as detoxification, relaxation, and weight loss, among others. However, their benefits differ due to their unique heating methods. Here’s all the information you need to decide which makes sense for you.


Woman Using Clearlight Infrared Sauna


What is an Infrared Sauna?


An infrared sauna is a wood-based room that warms the body through infrared rays as opposed to extremely high temperatures or moisture. These infrared rays, which are similar to the rays our bodies give off naturally, penetrate deep into the body (approximately 1 ½ inches) and heat the body directly.

Because the infrared rays are warming from within, these saunas typically operate between 115-130 degrees Fahrenheit, much lower than traditional saunas that operate between 170–200 degrees Fahrenheit. Although the temperature is lower, the efficient nature of heating the body directly makes infrared saunas among the most beneficial options available.


Woman Using Steam Room for Health Benefits


What is a Steam Room?


A steam room is made of a non-porous material, such as glass or tile, and is an airtight room that warms the body through high heat and humidity. A steam generator boils water to make steam, creating a moisture-rich environment.

Average temperatures hover around 120 degrees Fahrenheit, although it may feel much hotter due to humidity levels that can reach up to 100 percent. As opposed to infrared saunas which heat the user directly, steam rooms heat the outside environment, warming the user from the outside in.


Health Benefits of an Infrared Sauna vs. Steam Room


Although both steam rooms and infrared saunas offer a range of excellent health benefits, they do vary by product. The difference in benefits stems from the contrasting heat methods used, as described above. Both saunas and steam rooms use thermotherapy, or heat therapy, to help the body boost performance. Each method has its benefits, and using them together can be a great addition to your health and wellness routine, but one method might be better for your needs than the other.

Read on to learn more about the primary health benefits of an infrared sauna vs. steam room and find out which is best for you.


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Infrared Sauna Health Benefits


An infrared sauna emits infrared heat to create a warm and relaxing environment. According to Dr. Amy Myers, M.D., of mindbodygreen, this helps improve circulation and alleviates pain. Due to the low humidity and modest air temperature, infrared sauna health benefits include detoxification, pain relief, relaxation, weight loss, and more.

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Concentrated Detoxification

Far infrared saunas promote more sweating than a steam room. As the infrared rays penetrate deep into the body, they increase blood flow, break up water molecule clusters, and promote the release of harmful toxins not typically released in a steam room. According to Dr. Brian Clement, medical director of the Hippocrates Health Institute, “It heats your tissues several inches deep, which can enhance your metabolic processes. It also enhances circulation and helps oxygenate your tissues.”

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Weight Loss and Decrease in Cellulite

Users of far infrared sauna technology can experience a noticeable decrease in weight and cellulite appearance with average use. The weight loss is often due to the efficient heating nature of the sauna, removal of toxins through increased perspiration, and a rise in metabolic rates, which can help burn an extra 300+ calories an hour. Using a sauna after working out can also help boost effectiveness and increase calorie burn after exercising, which aid in weight loss.


Comfortable Use

The lower temperature of infrared saunas compared to steam rooms tends to be easier on the body during prolonged use. For users who may have eye or lung issues, including difficulty breathing in high humidity and heat, they may want to opt for an infrared sauna to ensure an enjoyable and beneficial experience. Infrared saunas can also be made more comfortable with the addition of other therapies, such as halotherapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy, red light therapy, and chromotherapy.


Men Sitting in Steam Room for Health Benefits


Steam Room Health Benefits


Steam rooms create an environment that is rich with heat and high humidity, ideal for realizing an array of health-related benefits. The high moisture air found in a steam room offers users benefits and an experience distinct from infrared saunas.


Respiratory Relief

Steam room users may experience relief from respiratory issues such as allergies, sinusitis, and cold symptoms. The moist air can open the sinuses and nasal passages, allowing for clearer breathing.


Hydration of the Skin

People with blemish-prone skin may find that the moisture-rich air of a steam room can help balance oil production leading to clearer skin. Users with dry skin may experience more hydrated skin after regular use of a steam room.


Better Sleep

Once you step out of your steam room, your body must begin working to cool your body. The relaxing properties of a steam room session, combined with your body’s efforts to lower the internal temperature can promote a great night’s sleep – particularly in the REM sleep cycle stage. You will also get this same benefit with an infrared sauna.


Sauna Color Light Therapy in Action


What to Consider When Purchasing


When deciding which option is best, take note of a few characteristics inherent to infrared saunas and steam rooms to determine which is best for an individual, household, or business.


Infrared Sauna Considerations

Infrared saunas can be a relatively simple addition to a home. They do not require strict insulation to keep high heat levels in the room, so they are lighter and easier to transport. Infrared saunas also come in a number of sizes, making them the perfect fit in any space whether you are looking for a 1-person, 2-person, 3-person, or even 4- to 5-person sauna.

Typically, these saunas can be put together within an hour on your own – without professional installation needed. Most can plug into an existing outlet and are very energy efficient using about 1/3 of the electrical as compared to a traditional sauna. On top of easy installation, infrared saunas require easy maintenance and care to keep them looking and operating brand-new for years to come.

All Clearlight® sauna models come with iOS/Android smartphone control, medical-grade chromotherapy technology, a built-in charging and audio station, and True Wave™ carbon/ceramic far infrared heating technology. If you want to upgrade your sauna experience, you can incorporate additional amenities that will help increase your comfort, health benefits, and overall enjoyment of your infrared sauna. These sauna upgrades include red light therapy, salt therapy, and vibration resonance therapy.


Steam Room Considerations

Much like an infrared sauna, steam rooms can be purchased as a kit for individuals to put together on their own or they can be custom made and installed by a contractor. Steam rooms do have particular plumbing and electrical requirements. They require a steam generator purchase that should be specially installed in a safe location to reduce the chances of a burn.

An airtight space and sloped ceilings for adequate drippage are also needed as well as an area that can accommodate a drain. Bacterial growth is possible due to the moist conditions of the steam room. For this reason, make sure to clean your steam room regularly with tile cleaner and drain periodically.


Deciding What’s Right for You


Both infrared saunas and steam rooms can deliver much-needed health benefits for individuals and families. These rooms can ease stress, increase relaxation, and improve overall health and happiness. Simply put, they can be a valuable component of one’s home and lifestyle.


Before purchasing an infrared sauna or steam room, take the time to consider you and your family’s specific needs in addition to reviewing the facts. Where will this new addition reside in your home? What is your current state of health, and what are your future health and wellness goals? Would you prefer to install it or will you require a contractor to do the heavy lifting? Asking these questions ahead of time can help you decide between an infrared sauna vs. steam room for your unique needs.

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